04 July 2007

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

I never could get used to Tuesdays...

Tuesday must be the red-headed step child of the week. And, come to think of it, February very well could be the same in relation to the months of the year. Perhaps this is why i'm having a bit of difficulty grasping a hold of this time of my life. I had to head home from work early again today. Apparently none of the food which i had partaken of in the past day wanted to stick around any longer. So it proceeded to push and shove its blessed little way out the way it came. Poor food. My tummy (gut? stomach?) must not have been a very hospitable host today.

I'm in the process of finding a good host for my new website...coming in the next couple of months. If any of you all have any suggestions in regards to which host would do dandy for my website, just let me know. I have a few really cool ideas for the site, and i'd like to make it a little more interactive. I would really like to steer clear of any ads and keep it as simple as possible.

Someone must be home...the light's on.
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Sunday, February 03, 2002

So, it's been a while...

The past few days i have been sick. Now that i'm finally feeling a bit better, i'll catch up on the past couple of days. Thursday i didn't go to work, rather i stayed in bed all day and slept. Oh yes, it was worth it. Friday, there was an ice cream social (a huh min a who's a m'whatzit?) at the GCC institute building, so i mustered my strength and went to be social. Once there, i was invited to go see a movie with some of my friends at the local dollar theatre to see the movie Joe Somebody. And i love it, because even though it now costs $2.50, we still call it the "dollar theatre". But in reality, anything less than $8.00 after the hour of 5pm is a smokin' good deal. I guess it was a pretty good movie too, it was just way too long. It's one of those feel good type movies, right? But my rear hurt so bad from sitting for so long that i had a complete contradiction working for me. "Oh, what a touching movie! Oh, my butt hurts! " And so on, and so forth.

Saturday was a good one. A group of my friends and I went ice skating. Mind you, i was still sick, and going to an ice rink probably wasn't the best place for me to be. But it was great. I hadn't done that in a long, long time. We decided to have a little race between four of us to see who could be the first to go around the rink 5 times. Whoops, great big monster mistake. Everything seems to be going fine, well, great, until one of those birthday-party-group 10 year olds decides to dart out in front of you, and then you smack into him at some insane speed , throw him to the side and hope to keep yourself in the race. Poor kid, i hope i didn't scare him. Hey, he'll be fine. Bruises (broken bones, cuts, lawsuits) build character. Lots and lots o' character.

So that's it. That leaves me with Sunday, and all i've done is go to church and avoid the Super Bowl as much as possible. I used to get excited around this time. Wait, but U2 is performing at half time, hope springs eternal.

Postscript: I shaved my head. I feel like a new man.
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