23 March 2009


CBS APOLOGIZESGee, for some reason, I saw that one coming.  Wife and I didn't plan on watching the Super Bowl, but we did for a little while.  Something about the game draws me to it, I suppose.  And we surely didn't plan on watching the silly half-time show.  But my wife wanted to see Jessica Simpson, and that's ok, because she's tolerable.

But the real problem is, we didn't plan, neither did we want, to see Janet Jackson's breast.  Nor did the rest of the millions of views, I'd imagine.  I can just see my brother, shaking his head and thinking in his mind that this is why he lives in rural Utah.  And I agree with him.

New start page.  You may have noticed it upon entrance to the site.  It's not quite finished, I should mention.  That took me the whole weekend to create.  I hope you like it, because it took a lot of my creative energy this evening.  But I like it, and it adds that friendly Apple-esk feeling.  Smooth lines, friendly colors, and easy to understand.  At least, easy for me.  I spent the whole weekend looking at it, for crimeny's sake.

Funny story.  My friend requested that I help him a little bit last Friday.  He was moving to another place because things got a little loud at his previous digs.  I told him that i'd be happy to, and that I would drive out to his new place shortly after work to assist him with some of the moving.

After quite a drive, I wound my way to his new address.  I got out of my car and took a quick glance about.  Everything was brand new.  Everyone's yards were sans-landscape.  There were boxes and clearly you could discern the smell of fresh wood.  Plus, my friend hadn't told me who he was moving in with yet.  He decided to keep that a mystery from me. 

So here I was in this new neighborhood, musing to myself over the surroundings.  My friend greeted me outside, and bade me entrance to the house. 

"It's empty," I said.  "This is a brand new house."

"Welcome to my house," said my friend.

"But how..."

"Welcome to my new house!"

So, my friend bought a house.  Congratulations, man.

This week will be better.  I promise.  Now, off to bigger and better things.  Hope your weekend was great.  Here's to a new month.  Cheers!

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