04 July 2007

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

The rain came!

I woke up this morning and peered out my window at the clouds and hoped it was so. Sure enough, the rain was falling from the sky and cleaning the air. I breathed deep the aroma of fresh rain and sighed, this was all that i needed to start feeling better. The sickness is slowly but surely leaving the body. For those that don't live in Arizona or who haven't experienced the rain here, it's some of the sweetest smelling rain around. No salty fragrance from the ocean or lake, nothing but clean desert air. Chances are that it won't last too long, but while it's here i might as well enjoy it.

I forgot to mention that it was Eric's birthday yesterday...happy birthday. 21 years old. So now i guess you don't have to feel bad anymore when they say on TV, "must be 21 or older to enter". Yes my 21 year old friend, disclaimers have no hold over you. Unless of course, you never really cared about that in the first place, in that case you can just ramble on with your life as usual. Yep.

Nothing much else to report as of this moment. Good day, ya'll.
posted by RyanDavid Burningham 12:25 PM

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Day 4 of what seems to be an interminable sickness...

I was thinking of putting some large wacky number there, instead of the 4. I was thinking, "that would be good for a laugh, eh?" But then the thought occurred to me that there's nothing funny about being this sick for this long. Nothing! Not a jot nor a tittle. I spent half of the day coughing, the other half aching, and the whole day wondering why i was at work when there was a perfectly acceptable reason to be in bed.

Blabbity blah. Where am i going with this entry? The same place as all of my writings, nowhere in particular.

I'm hungry. Time to eat.
posted by RyanDavid Burningham 10:43 PM

Monday, January 28, 2002

I really wish i had something to write tonight.

But i don't. Why can't i just accept it? Because i don't want to, dangit. I'm 'fraid there's a mighty large number of things in life that we have to accept...but not being able to write tonight, well, that takes the taco. Oh, i know what it is, it's the pollution in the valley of the sun. Correction: Valley of the sun hidden behind 15 layers of dirt, smoke and dust. That must be clouding my mind of all things written.

What i wouldn't give for a monsoon storm the size of Alaska. This state needs a bath.
posted by RyanDavid Burningham 7:55 PM


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