23 March 2009


Successful recovery.  Ok, so I exaggerated yesterday.  The e-mail writing class did not do any serious damage to my writing, as many of the rules have now been assimilated into my collective verbosity.  No more knife through ice.

As I type this, my wife runs around behind me.  There are boxes upon boxes of stuff strewn about.  Who knew that two people could wreak such terror on a tiny one bedroom apartment.  And I wouldn't even call ourselves packrats, either.  Quite the contrary.  I throw away as many unneeded effects as I can throw a stick at.

My cat seems to understand that there's something going on, too.  He's moping about the house with an extremely dejected look on his face.  Yes, human expression is valid on animals, as proved by my feline. 

I suppose that I should get off my duff and help the cause.  It frightens me how many boxes there are.  So many boxes....*shakes head*

I'll see you on Saturday or Monday.  I make no promises for either.  Have a great weekend!


Did you know that stucco can be removed solely by using hot water and a scraper?  I didn't know that.  And while I'm mentioning things that I don't know, let me add that I don't know why anyone would stucco the entire inside of their house.  That just bamboozles my mind.

Let me clarify by saying that no one that I know personally has stuccoed their house.  However, in a quest to help my dear mother-in-law with removing a bit of stucco from her fireplace, I ran across many stories on the Web of people attempting to remove stucco from the entirety of their home.  *shudder*

New Blog Link.  You may want to check it out.  It was introduced to me through my brother and fellow blogger, Adam.   The site itself is called Lost Coyote.  Good stuff.

In other news:  Life just keeps rolling along, giving no heed to the weary or forgetful.  Like I said yesterday, it's extremely hard to summarize entire missed days in one entry.  I find the pace of life marvelous.  I sometimes have so many goals that I miss the mark on a few.  By and large, the goals get accomplished or they get set aside, but never cast off. 

Sometimes I have to remember where I've been by looking at my bank statement.  I'm so much more busy now that I have a wife and an apartment and a car and a crazy cat.  Bear with me as I have a child.  I might just feel so sorry for myself that I'll realize how easy I had it.

I'll quit yacking, back on track now.  Above, you'll see my new graphic.  Whenever I open Photoshop, I end up creating something new.  I find a unique solace in graphic design, I have since I first saw Photoshop, Illustrator, and Quark.  And while the design and art that I create are not that amazing, it calms my mind as I move binary colors around. 

I feel the same way about most digital forms of art, I suppose.  Digital Photography brings me a type of instant result not found in any other form of media.  The creation of digital music grants me the authority to be as ridiculous as I want.  And digitally editing video, once empowered only to those with money (and skill), has been given to everyone. 

Google.  This is just super.  Can I say that?  I regularly check my site statistics, just to see where I'm at and catch a glimpse of where my visitors are coming from.  In just the past week, I've seen a marked rise in both search engine hits and random visitors.  That's good news.  Why, you can punch in the words "Cucina Tagliani's" and there I will be, right on the top of the second page. 

I just hope no one is disappointed when they look for restaurant reviews and stumble upon the Blog.  Although, with as many words as I have on this site, one can search for many things and end up here.  Poor souls.

For example:

neil diamond's wife
chris cross
don't drown your food
what is an imp

The above mentioned random phrases manage to bring my site up.  Whatever.

The Move.  As this is Thursday's entry, I must make a valid disclaimer for Friday.  I'll be moving during most of the day time, and I don't know where my computer will be after the dust has settled.  So, an entry may be written, or it may not. 

See you later.


Moving.  Remember that impending move that I wrote about two weeks ago?  It now appears as if that day is just around the corner.  Are we ready?  No, but we have an excess of boxes strewn about the apartment.  Do we have a truck?  Well, yes and no.  Let's lean more toward the yes answer for the time being.

It's tough to summarize when you've been away for so long.  At first, I really believed that I would sit down and compose some scrab for the Blog last Saturday, but that never quite came to fruition.  Regretfully, I didn't even bother to write when my beautiful wife implored me to get back on the computer.  For that, I apologize.

E-mail writing.  Earlier today, I took part one of a two part e-mail writing class for work, so I have so many alternate and conflicting rules in my head at this time.  My writing feels somewhat labored because of this.  It feels like I'm trying to carve a dull butter knife through ice.  I know it'll work, but it slips a lot.

I can hardly wait to see what two days of this class will do to my writings. 

Flock of Seagulls.  Why, what a strange looking header for a paragraph?!  For those of you who don't watch VH1, they have recently been touting a new show called "Bands Reunited".  I never intended to sit down and watch it, really.  But I came home an hour early from work today and hadn't much else to do. 

To boil it down to the basics, the host of the show runs all around central England, looking for the disbanded members of A Flock of Seagulls.  The four band mates haven't talked in 20 years, there could be bad blood, one hasn't played the guitar in eight years, and so on.

But it was fun to watch.  I know only two of their songs, but I could tell that they were having fun again.  Whether that was made up for the show or it was true reality, doesn't matter.  I got to hear them play "I Ran" again.

Let's keep it brief.  And I will be back later.  Anyone want to help me move?

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