04 July 2007

Saturday, January 26, 2002

It finally happened.

I completely let the blog slip my mind last night. Grim. I figure that I'm allowed at least one miss, if not by works, then surely by grace. Yesterday was a terribly slow one at work, I think everyone must have left quietly during lunch, for when I came back from my own mid day snack, there wasn't much to behold upon arrival. I suppose I can blame the absence of several employees one of the four letter words in my vocabulary: Golf. Yup, I'm gonna go swing a stick atta ball and i figger I might not make it back today. Golf really isn't that bad, I guess. It's just not my forté. I tried it once and my eyes were so swollen from the grass or the pollen or the lack of real exercise that I just had to stop.

Today I went on a group date to the local rock climbing gym. I wish that I could have taken pictures, it's a really great looking place. Once upon a time, I climbed a lot. Now, 2 years later, I realize that I'm not so hot at it. By the end of the day I was so tired and my hands gave up. They're still putting up a fierce fight, must be why this entry is taking four-score months to type. I'm also pert exhausted, and I have almost complete lack of motor skills. Ho hum. There hasn't been any real concrete work done to the site so far this weekend, but perhaps tomorrow or next weekend. I wish to make it a more aesthetic experience for all.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable rest of the weekend, back to the grind soon enough, eh?

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Thursday, January 24, 2002

So, I woke up sick this morning...

I hate that feeling that you get when you first wake up. You know the one I'm talking about, when your chest feels like your bed decided to lay on you halfway through the night? Yeah, that one. I have this interminable cough that just won't leave me alone. Sure, it takes vacations every once in a while, but apparently it got tired of wherever it was the past few weeks and is here to curse my life again. So I ended up not going into work today, which in and of itself isn't bad, but tomorrow I know I'll wake up feeling even worse, and then I won't want to call in sick because then I look like a pansy. You should never ever call in sick the first day you feel bad. I think it should be a rule.

Well, our ward did play our first basketball game tonight, and we won 64-44. Twas an excellent game. I think one poor old guy ruptured his Achilles tendon right when the game started though. The first rule when you are 50 years old and trying to play with kids half your age has been and always will be: Stretch. So anyway.

Krystal ....this is your paragraph, Your very own paragraph on my little silly-site. Now, don't go saying I don't care about you. And to all the rest of my friends in Provo, Marci, Cat, Britney, Sarah, Janelle, John, you must be included in Krystal's paragraph too. I hope all is well in BYU town.

Carpe Diem.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

I'm sorry to report that I have severe writer's block tonight. Too much and not enough on my mind, I suppose! Tomorrow our ward does have its first basketball game, and most likely I will write about that tomorrow. Keep up the good work, everybody. Tchau.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Surely I can think of something to write.....

Today I got to go out on the job site to look at manhole covers. Yep, beautiful, beautiful manhole covers...It was quite the experience, really. I learned that every step you take is about 3 feet long, and therefore I had to dust off the old brain and divide foot measurements by 3's. That was a tough one, but what made it worse was that I had to walk while I was dividing. I actually had to stop once, pause, divide 3 into some insanely easy number like 140 and then keep walking. For some reason, the number "7" wouldn't leave my mind. Uh huh, three must go into 140 seven times. Math is just not my gig. But honestly, you'd think that I could divide, for cryin' out loud...

But thank goodness I still have basketball. It's one of those rare beauties I have in life that makes me feel great afterward. Even when I lose, I still feel like I knew what I was doing.* Tonight I also asked this girl in my institute class on a date. Now, all I need is ideas. No more bagel dates. There can be only one of those, I'm 'fraid. Oh, and I'm sure that Adam Dawson will appreciate this one: Sleep America...where America goes TO sleep". Not FOR sleep. You were correct, much to my dismay. For a confirmation of this...please visit their website.

Inside stories. Maybe I shouldn't write them on here...nah.

*Sshhh, Kevin, quiet, Neal... Your time will undoubtedly come.....
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