23 March 2009


I just got off the telephone with Sprint.  It seems that they managed to foul up
my billing once again.  It wasn't that big of a deal, because I was certain that
they had made the mistake.  But it was a whole lot of money, and Sprint is the
one company that I choose (I don't know why) to have automatically debited
from my checking account.

So, the funds are gone until the next billing period.  (sound of toilet flushing)


Sorry about that, I finally got fed up with the ominous odor emanating from my kitten's litter box.  I lost my train of though.  Wait, no, yes.  It's gone.

And he just p00ped again.  Thanks, fat cat.  Gosh.

In other news:  So I found out today that pet stores sell glowing fish now. 
Now, allow me to elucidate.  I found out that they sell, as pets, genetically
altered (modified?) fluorescent zebra fish.

These small goldfish look-alikes were originally developed to help scientists
study pollution levels.  However, they are now being mass-marketed in the
United States (sans California, which banned the sale of these creatures of science) as household pets. 

The news part of this is that two public interest groups have filed a lawsuit, alleging that these creations must be regulated by the feds.  They claim that
these fish are unsafe and if released into the wild, could represent a hazard as other animals consume these fish.  We humans eat these other animals in turn.

So that's the basic of their argument.  Good case, I'd admit. 

All I know is that I want one.

Brother's blog:  If you haven't already, you ought to check out my brother's
Web site.  There has been much controversy as of late with this particular article, entitled Voluntary Simplicity.  If you'd met my brother before, you would understand me when I say that he leads a very simple yet complex lifestyle.  He is envied and misunderstood at the same time.  People turn to him for advice, yet dole out criticism in stride.  His comments on voluntary simplicity are genuine and intelligent, and darned if I agree.

However, I lead a different lifestyle, albeit I admit that it's still strangely complex.  Take for instance my story about Sprint that I mentioned earlier.  I could be without that stress in my life, but I'd imagine that I'd bored with that.

I think a fish hit on my wife.  No, really.  We went to The Rainforest Cafe last Saturday.  We were seated adjacent quite a large aquarium with various tropical fish.  However, there was one fish that couldn't quite keep his eyes off my
beautiful bride.

He just sat there, staring.

She thought it was creepy, I thought it was quite amusing.  And if you're wondering why I had a picture of this particular moment, stop wondering.  I take my camera everywhere now.  It's the greatest fuel that the Blog has ever had.  Ever.

I'm sure there was more, but that'll do for now.  To make up for this week's missed entries, I'll be back tomorrow for one more.  But don't say I didn't warn you.  Go get me a Glofish.


Drew a blank.  Apologies.  Tomorrow for sure.


Only a picture for today.  Tonight, my wife and I went to the Suns game, as she had won tickets (I'd probably never pay to see them, unless they were playing the Utah Jazz, in that case, I'd be paying to see the Jazz)  The game was ultra-boring, and that's being nice.

The only reason that I went was to see number 15.  Carmelo Anthony, one of the youngest players ever in the NBA.  I wonder how many times we'll say that...eventually, they'll find a way to get a 17 year old in, as long as he's graduated from High School.


See, I told you I'd come back for an encore.  If I only had something to write...

Oh, but I do.  For any who have visited this page by manner of my brother's linkage, he's probably referring to the entry from the 12th, located below.  That was the entry with the humor and such.

I hate to bore you with more details, the work week has my mind bogged down like an overburdened freight truck.  Tomorrow:  Basketball.  See you then.

PS.  Thou needest yonder flask.


A thousand apologies.  In my desire to continue my vacation well into Monday morning, I avoided my computer like month-old milk.

But we're back to the grind now.  It's approximately 7:30pm, and I'm late.  But fear not, because I have something to show for the delay.

Pictures.  Yes, I took that adventure that I had been wanting.  I ventured outside my apartment vicinity for what seems like the first time in weeks.  I feel like this because in my moments of solitary meditation last week, I continually envisioned the same scenery in my mind over and over.  It all consisted of the area surrounding my apartment and work local.

Blah blah.  My journey took me to downtown Phoenix, where I photographed the Viad Building and its immediate surroundings.  Please let me explain, I haven't had much experience with digital photography, and I've had even less experience with this camera.  So, those pictures didn't turn out that great. 

That is, until I visited the botanical gardens east of town.  At first, I was sorely disappointed by the lack of variety and poor supply of vivid color on my trek around the jardin. 

But after I took off my durn-blasted sunglasses, which have more scratches than my brother's 45's after I listened to them as a child, I began to see the small bits of color that were strewn about the area.

My Favorite

I sincerely enjoyed that part of my day.  I found it relaxing, invigorating, and educational (although I failed to write down any of the names of the flora)  The most amusing part of the garden was the Library. 

This bibliotek was placed adjacent the visitors center, so i stopped there before leaving.  I took out my camera and began taking random pictures because I could, when all of a sudden, the librarian came swooping out of the woodwork.


"I see that you're taking pictures", she said.

"Er, yes.", I said, rather startled.  "Is that ok?  I can stop if you'd like."

"Oh, no!  It's quite alright.  Are you a librarian?", she inquired, excitedly.

"Well, no, but I have an extreme fascination with small libraries.", I lied.

"Oh, that's absolutely wonderful!  Are you from a newspaper?"  she said, her left eye twitching wildly.  I was beginning to believe she might actually faint at this point.

"No, no...I'm from...I'm from my school in Colorado.  I'm taking pictures of small Arizona libraries for my Senior project."  I said.  My web of lies was growing faster than my desire to keep the charade up.

"Well, be sure to sign our guest book up front.  And feel free to take as many pictures as you please!"  she exclaimed, and disappeared as fast as she came.


I was relieved that she had decided to end the conversation at that point.  I don't know if:

A.  I could come up with more falsifications, and
B.  If I could keep from laughing any longer

Since I've gone on long enough about this library, how about the link to these aforementioned pictures?  You may find them here, or you can always find this permanently on my Media Page.

And that's it, for I must save more verbiage for later on tonight.  I must cook up another blog for those who read late at night or early in the morning.  Again, sorry for the delay, and I hope that the pictures make up for it.

Postscript: For a limited time, I will be offering these pictures for download in whatever size you need.  Please Contact Me to request a size. 

800x600  1024x768  1280x1024  1600x1200

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