23 March 2009


Hmm.  Well, I had to tinker with the site a little bit tonight, so I might as well throw a blog up for good measure.  Let me preface this by saying that the wife and child are out of town on holiday; therefore, nothing may be posted for another six months.

Or maybe not.  Perhaps this wonderful impulsive post will give birth to a newfound desire to write and blog.  Anything can happen. 

So, what's happened in the months since August 8th?  Oh, much.  So much.  Wife and I bought our first house, in Mesa, no less.  I couldn't believe it either.  Somehow, we ended up at Higley and Southern on one beautiful Saturday morning.  Before you know it, I'm writing a earnest deposit check.  It was one of those A to B moments that doesn't quite make sense.  More like A to G.  Or A to Q.  Yeah, that's more like it. 

So I really can't fill in the blanks.  A few weeks later, we moved in.  Simple as that.

I have in front of me an unopened package of Sour Patch Kids, which I procured during the Christmas festivities.  I am battling the urge to break it open at this point, seeing how these things

A.  Rot your teeth, and
B.  Cause horrible mouth sores, the likes of which cause grown men (me) to cry.

Oh, and I've already eaten two boxes this week.  Maybe that's why I shouldn't eat it.  Good.  It's settled then.

I'll probably eat them tomorrow.

It'll be a miracle if I can remember how to post this blog to the Web site, to tell you the truth.  Heaven knows I forgot my password months ago.  Well, if you're reading this, then congratulate me.  I did it. 

A few things I wish to mention:

1.  The Nintendo Wii is the most awesome gaming system ever.  Ever.
2.  Excite Truck is probably the best arcade racer ever.
3.  The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess makes me cry, it's so blasted awesome.
4.  I'll still probably never get past the Water Temple in The Ocarina of Time.
5.  I'm seriously addicted to video games
6.  No really, it's a problem.  Needs to be mentioned.
7.  Why am I doing this?
8.  I'm tired.
9.  I scored a 215 in Wii Bowling, and I'm particularly proud of that.
10.  Everyone on the planet needs to get a Wii.

There.  That seems pretty good.

You know what they say when you begin exercising (which I should also do), start slowly!  I'll stop this for now.  Maybe I'll be back later this week?  A New Year's resolution perhaps? 



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