11 July 2007

Saturday, January 12, 2002

Weekends are nice.....

Especially now, having worked the whole week. I actually appreciated the extra little bit o' sleep that i got this morning. You may be asking yourself, "Why
does he make it sound like a tough thing to work a week"? Well, it isn't, truly.
 But you must understand, my last job was working as a "Public Safety Officer"
at Snowbird ski resort. That basically consisted of staring at little camera
monitors and oh, walking around. Walking around was the hard part, you see, because i was already half asleep from staring at the aforementioned
little camera monitors by the time my relief showed. Yeah, it was a hard life.....

Enough of that. Let's see, something noteworthy about today...not much i
guess. I did achieve my goal of purchasing the brown bag special at Sonic today...my friend Dan and i were a bit peckish at lunch time and i'll tell you, it was 6 dollars well spent. We didn't do a whole lot else today but Dan's girlfriend Katie came by and told us that she got a job as a massage therapist...kudos to you, Katie.

That's about it for now, i suppose.

Oh, happy anniversary, Jake and Nicole. 1 year today!
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Friday, January 11, 2002

A small story to end yer day...

I was sent on an errand at work today at about 4:00 pm. My task was to drive to Tempe and drop off a set of plans. Simple enough, but once i entered the freeway, my fun was over. Little did i know but i was about 10 miles from running out of gas, and i ran into some nasty traffic just outside Dunlap Avenue. "Golly", i think to myself as i putter along at about 1.3 miles per hour, praying to the gasoline gods and everything efficient and holy that my car doesn't die and i become ridiculed by every well fueled Phoenician on his or her way home from work. Prayers were answered, and i was able to make it to a "QT" gas station. I don't know what "QT" stands for, i don't want to know, all i know is the gas flowed and i was able to return to my errand as planned...

Upon arrival at the destination in Tempe, i decided to lounge around a bit. I wandered about inside the red-stoned building where i dropped my goods off and found that it smelled somewhat, but not entirely like the MTC. Random, i know, but it did. When i got to my car (or money pit, as i refer to him now) I listened to NPR for a little while and learnt about a type of music called "Minimalism". The basic idea of minimalism is to take a few chords and play them over and over again, but at different tempos and rhythms. Sounds dull and trance-like, but it's amazing to me. I listened to several pieces, was incredibly pleased by the simple yet obviously complex patterns that emerged, and promptly turned the station to 104.7 to listen to "today's hottest hits". I was less than impressed.

Oh well. Life is fun. Thanks for reading...
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Thursday, January 10, 2002

Another hour, another idea...

Well, not exactly. I stole this from my elder brother adam. In fact, most of what I'm doing now is just a rip-off of his great ideas. Here is a link for where you can look at any pictures that I post. Just click on "pictures" on the left of the screen, and you should get there. Note: There are no pictures yet. Muah hah. It's an MSN community, slow as all get-out, but it's free and Americans like them freethings.

Oh, I'm an american.
I thought you knew that.
You did?
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I must have a life less ordinary...
What exactly do I mean when i say that? Simple...as i drove home and felt the 60 degree weather flow in through my car window, I briefly remembered the poor seldom-correct weather man saying "record highs, upper 70's for today." Oh well. And as the clouds crashed together and made rain, i thanked God that i had been entertained on the way home from work. Oh yes, and this is whilst i was listening to Pink Floyd. The DJ couldn't have picked a better song at that time. Quite synchronous.

Upon returning to my house tonight i found spaghetti on the stove with my own sauce. MY OWN SAUCE. How many people in this world have their own blasted sauce when their mother cooks for them? I realized at this point that i am spoiled and the madness needs to stop. Oh, and i also downed a half stick of margarine on one slice of bread.
Go figure.

Things should get better as time rolls along, but this will do for now. I must see where this goes...
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