23 March 2009


Ah, the power of the written word...

In light of the recent inconveniences with my apartment, I wrote a complaint letter to my management.  It was your standard issue request: Make me happy or I'll become even more annoying. 

And I hated to do it because I get so many of those types of letters all day long.  But, seeing how I read them all day, who better to write one?  And you know what?  It worked.  They responded by telling me that I could have my choice of apartments, and they waived the transfer fee. (whoever made up that fee needs to have a stern talking to)

So we'll be moving in two weeks.  Oh, the extra space will be so nice.  I feel like quoting Hugh Grant's line in "Two Weeks Notice" every now and then

"It's really quite amazing how small this apartment really is.  Do you know I can walk from one side to the other in six seconds?"

And so on, and so forth.  I know, that wasn't that funny.  It probably wasn't even worth a weak chuckle.  But it's amusing to me!

Got another CD from AOL today.  Although they aren't the perpetual thorn in my side that most people make them out to be.  However, I find their newest assumption to be quite shocking.  The DVD sized package itself was addressed to "Current Resident", but the outside of the DVD box clearly stated, "Come back for 2 months free!"

Apparently, AOL can now assume that they have a pretty good chance of reaching someone that left them for the competition.  Makes you feel good, doesn't it?

The irony of the matter is that I was just looking for a DVD case to replace one that was damaged.  Well, I got my wish.

In other news.  What would you do if Gordon Lightfoot was creeping around your back stair?

Hopefully I wouldn't enlist the help of any Popcorn Air Poppers. Confused?  Better click on the link above.

Good day to everything.  See you tomorrow. Warning.  Extended three day weekend approaches.  I don't know if there will be anything Friday, yet.


The seventh already?  The year is already speeding by.  What happened to the holidays?

Every year, I seem to have the same cooling-down period after New Years.  At times in sleepy stupors, I will wake up and completely forget the day and whether Christmas and New Year already happened.  I suppose this is unique to me, and it's probably an indication that I could use a little more excitement in my life.

News The Spirit landed...and it gave us 12 Megapixel photos!  This was fun news for me to read this morning, and even more enjoyable to view these pictures from another planet.  Let me repeat that.

Pictures from another planet.

It's hard to grasp, is it not?  I've tried to visualize it...our little Martian lander strolling about on the surface of a planet 180 million miles away from where I stand.  And somehow, this little remote control car is beaming high-res full-color shots of the red planet's surface to Earth.  Come again?  Next thing you know, those NASA scientists will figure out how to bring one home...

If you have the time, take a look at the slideshow presented by MSNBC

In other news:  I have a full three day weekend coming up, and therefore have planned a small adventure with my camera.  I hope to bring back more than a few worthy shots, having already promised my elder brother as much.

Wife went to the Doctor today, just a regular pregnancy check-up.  Everything looks ok, and next appointment, she gets to look forward to the glucose test.  I have here in front of me a strange viscous looking orange liquid.  Apparently, she must drink this entire sweet beverage on the morning of her next visit.  It just looks awful, and I feel bad for her.  I mean, isn't pregnancy bad enough without making these poor girls drink a strange orangey syrup?  I told her to take it on the rocks.  (joking)

If you've ever wanted an archive of all of the pictures that I've placed on the Blog (and I'll bet you a pair of cheese straws you haven't), you can find one here.

What a pleasure the Blog has been.  I appreciate those who keep coming back.  I'll see you again tomorrow, same place as before.



I'm unusually tired, so I'll be brief tonight.  In fact, just visit the link below to read an article written by my elder brother.


Once you are there, read the entry from January 5th, beginning with "What is Perspective?"

After you've read its entirety, please read my reply below.  Have a nice day!

Please note that if this comment sounds disjointed and vague, it must be because I'm at work...

It's been said that one's opinion of life and the world around them is judged largely upon their own point-of-view. Many people lead their lives with simple and complex beliefs, drawing upon them whenever necessary (or convenient)

This convenience leads to a certain lifestyle, which they justify with previous experiences. My observation is that at times, the previous experiences are manufactured after the fact...they never existed in the first place.

Thus, the compass that this individual has chosen has become corrupt at some point, and continually points the person in confusing directions. However, since they feel confident that they have carefully made their decision based upon previous experience, their inhibitions are cast aside and they venture ever downward into a confusing web of decision.

Because of this, I find it seemingly appropriate to lean upon an external compass provided by a supernal being, or God, if you would.

The freedom is still given to make life's decisions. The individual receives further light and knowledge, therefore bringing purer confidence in each of life's decisions.

However, being limited in our scope, we can never be certain that our observations of the outcomes of these promptings are valid. To some, what may seem as a poor experience with this celestial compass may be the endnote: Never to be tried again.

We must have faith and succumb our will to the provider of this compass...we must concede that our best interest is always involved, and that whatever happened...happened for a reason. This is simply too difficult for some to grasp and put into play.

Again, we arrive at where we started. Thanks for your observations, Adam...you always make me think.


I know I've said it before, but I'm at liberty to say it again:  Lazy Sundays are nice.

It may be silly to post cat pictures as much as I do, but there simply the best representations of feelings of relaxation.  Not since my father has anyone been able to sleep so professionally.  And I mean that with the utmost respect, of course.

I had to work on Saturday, so that blew most of the weekend plans.  I had one specific idea that could have surprised my wife, but now, that'll have to wait until next weekend. 

New Pictures.  You may wish to visit the Media page of this site, for there you'll find the best in photographic excellence.  Ironic though, they aren't mine.  I receive a digital camera for Christmas, and post-holiday, the only things I have to grant are my brother's capturings.

Nonetheless, they're absolutely beautiful works, and I wanted my brother to be able to post them online.  He and his family of eight live in Spring City, Utah, and I honestly believe that it's one of the most serene places I've visited. (I haven't been very far)  It snowed several inches over the weekend in this little town of 700.  The entire vista is encompassed in brilliant white spectacle.  I had my brother take his digi-cam out into the open and give me a look.

I was just discussing with him how odd it was that he could have children in this small town and the population actually increases noticeably.  I believe he described it as anachronistic, and that it is.  I have never experienced life as he does.  In many ways, I wish I could.  There are more people in my apartment complex than there are in his town.

That's all that I have for today, but only because I'm distracted.  Come back tomorrow if you feel so inclined.


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