23 March 2009



Major announcement:  My brother has rejoined the ranks of the blogging.

Ok, back to work.  The fun has passed for now, it's back to what we know.  Ah, but this time there's something distinctive about 2004.  Actually, in the attempt to write, I may have missed a larger point.  There are quite a few discrepancies between this year and it's 03 counterpart. 

I have much to look forward to, and even more to accomplish than ever.  Let's pray for the best, neh? 

Anyway.  I wasn't about to write anything tonight.  Really, I wanted to wait until the morn, as I hadn't yet cleared my mind and given time for rational thought.  But, seeing as how my wife is sick with something terrible, I thought that I'd give her the bed for a little while before I head off for the night.  Besides, I'm worn, but not quite tired; I'm in that limbotic stage betwixt the two.  The day was spent in constant curiosity of what to do next.  We weren't quite bored, but we were always on edge, wondering what sounded fun and worth doing. 

So, my wife painted while I fiddled around with Movie Maker.  Yeah, you probably saw that creation yesterday.  If you didn't, it may be worth viewing.  You just have to find the Media page.  In my disjointed construct of the Blog page, I never did place a perma-link to that particular site.  My apologies!

I also played a lot of Mario Kart.  And I do feel kind of badly about that, as I purchased that game as a present for my wife.  Don't misunderstand me, she likes it probably more than I; however, I hardly gave her a chance to play in the past three days.  It's just so very rare that I find a game worth playing any more. 

We did attempt to visit Tagliani's again, too.  To our sadness, it was closed for the New Year.  We expected it to be closed.  We called beforehand and reached an answering machine, the sad culmination of every attempt to reach a living being.  But we were determined to find out for ourselves, and found ourselves in an empty parking lot. 

So we went to Fazoli's.  Since it was my father's birthday, and we're short on cash, we decided that dinner would be a thoughtful yet less expensive gift.  Why we went to Fazoli's, I still do not know.  Everything there tastes like wet rubber.  The sauce is ok, but lacking in areas.  I used to like the breadsticks until they began soaking them in a tub of butter before they handed them out to unwary patrons.

"Another breadstick for you?  They're fresh out of the oven"

"Oh, no thanks.  And don't you mean deep-fat fryer?"

But I take one (or more) anyway, because I always feel so sorry for the person offering them.  Please!  Take my fatty-bread from my little bonnet.  It's warm, and if I give it all away, they'll let me sit down!

Phew.  Sorry about the various and sundry tangents that I have gone off on lately. Those should diminish as life picks up again. 

That's the gist of it today.  Oh, I'll be back on Monday, don't you forget.  Have a great weekend.


Happy New Year, all.  Welcome to 2004.

While I did not plan on writing anything today because of the holiday, I did create something rather blogworthy.  Credit needs to be extended to my friend Ryan.  He did suggest the musical theme to the video you are about to witness.

I call it Round 2.  You may call it whatever you wish.

I was going to embed this file in the Blog page, but I didn't want it to open automatically when the page was opened.   It's a 1.3 megabyte download; so, my apologies to those with slow dial-up connections.

You can find this video in the Media page.  Enjoy!


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